We are a non-profit organization providing education and patient advocacy for the people of the Greater Philadelphia Area.



The Diabetes Education and Research Center provides outreach education for business, community, civic, social and faith based groups.


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The Diabetes Education and Research Center, also known as DERC, evolved out of the Garfield G. Duncan Research Foundation established in 1967.


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In keeping with our mission, we will do our part to provide information and support in the effort to fight Diabetes through our many news outlets.

Diabetes Friendly Recipes                        

Patients have the ability to become more active partners in decision-making and understanding options when it comes to managing their health and diabetes. If you are proactive and involved with your health care, you may be more likely to have better control with your diabetes. It may be your doctor’s responsibility to manage your medications and monitor your health, but it is essential for you as their “partner” to work together with them to achieve desired results.

Written by Lindsey Verano, LDN, CDE


“It is imperative to teach patients to participate fully in the management of diabetes.”
— Dr. Garfield G Duncan